Get your 5 a day to stay healthy!

Collection of fresh orange toned vegetables and fruit raw producAs a leading Staines chiropractor we often advise our patients on living a healthy life. Most of the time our advice comes through our expertise in chiropractic treatment but we understand and advocate the importance of nutrition too.

We believe that healthy eating is vitally important for your health and overall well-being and one of the best ways to ensure your body is fighting fit is by getting your ‘5 a day’.

How to get your 5 a day – Advice from a Staines Chiropractor

We all know about the ‘5 a day’ campaign/recommendation yet so many of us don’t achieve it often. It shouldn’t be hard to get the right portions of fruit and veg but it sometimes can be. That is why as leading Staines Chiropractors we want to help stay healthy, we want to offer some useful tips to getting your ‘5 a day’;

  1. Add fruit to your breakfast – It can be difficult to fit fruit in to your daily lives but one of the best ways of doing this is via breakfast. You can have a smoothie or add fruit to your porridge or just grab a banana and an apple. It’s easy.
  1. Replace your crisps – Ok crisps are a national favourite but why not switch it up a bit. Swap out potatoes crisps with root vegetable crisps and enjoy the extra flavour and nutrition. You can even make your own.
  1. Fussy eaters – We all know someone that hates veg, it might even be you. There are ways around this though, have you tried a courgette cake for example? You can hide the flavour of the veg yet keep the nutritional value.
  1. Plan your meals with fruit and veg in mind – Take a step back at the end of every week and plan your next week’s meals. Make sure you always include at least 1 portion of fruit and veg in every meal.
  1. Snack away – Snacking is sometimes inevitable throughout our day, instead of snacking on chocolate bars why not snack on fruit? Grapes are excellent for this.

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