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The following testimonials have been provided by the patients of Pure Chiropractic Clinic in Staines. What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. We would like to thank all of our patients who have shared their experiences and would invite you to come and see us so we can help you experience the same.

“Please note that as Chiropractors we are not curing a symptom, but simply removing imbalances in your nervous system to ensure your body can function properly, heal and regulate itself in order to reach its full potential. “

Jane Peirce

I come to see Alex around every 6/8 weeks, normally once my back is feeling really stiff. I must say after treatment I feel great again, no pain or aches. Not sure I enjoy my neck being cracked but it takes seconds and really helps. Thanks Alex. Jane Peirce.


Having suffered from lower back and frozen neck & shoulder pains since my late teens (take heed all young fast bowlers), I have been treated by a fair few chiropractors, some good, some bad. Some who try to sign you up to long unnecessary courses of treatments just to fleece you of your money… However, I can’t speak highly enough of Pure Chiropractic, where I have been a (relatively) regular customer for the past 7 years. Not only are their adjustments both gentle and relieving, all the staff go the extra mile to put you at ease. I have recommended Pure Chiropractic to my friends in the past and all have been extremely pleased, to the point where they themselves are also now regulars… Many, many, many thanks!! Matt

Freida, age 81

The severe and ongoing pain in my lower back was making my life a misery. It overshadowed everything I did and the symptoms of depression were starting to show. I was starting to feel OLD! The very first treatment took the edge off the pain and from then on the improvement has been remarkable. My energy has returned and especially for me, I can now walk again, two or three miles without distress. Also I can walk upstairs upright, rather than on all fours as before. At the age of 81 health is very important to me, with quality more important and quantity. Thank you.


After being in discomfort for several months with pain between my shoulders I went to see Pure Chiropractic who immediately understood my condition and set about correcting it. For me, the pain was reduced even after my initial visit and things got much better from there. A relaxed, comfortable environment run by people who are understanding and knowledgeable. Thank you.


I came in with pain in my lower back and shoulder muscles. This was after 3 months of physio and my doctor telling me there wasn’t anymore they could do for me. I was on 3 pain killers a day and off work, extremely tired and in constant pain. In truth, it was all a bit miserable. I have been back at work for 8 weeks now, the pain has all but gone and Nash has taught me to watch out for the warning signs and triggers which is very helpful. I now wake up again in the morning alert and ready to get the most out of each day, rather than groggy and in pain. I am now very aware of my posture and the importance of good posture and have taken up pilates. I am a mother of a 1 year old and want to be an active mum, not in pain and having to watch my back. Thanks to this treatment I can hopefully achieve that. Thank you everyone.


I felt I couldn’t move for the fear of pain. I walked like a penguin and moved like a snail! When a friend suggested to try a chiropractor (recommending me to Nashila) I thought he was mad. I felt that painful area couldn’t be touched let alone be ‘clicked’. But you can only be strong for so long and then I gave in and tried the chiropractic care. That started in 2003, and remembering how the treatment helped me, I am back again. It feels like the tension in my body has been lifted off. After each treatment my body feels more flexible. No sign of migraines. I advise anybody who is having treatment to relax, it is a natural cure. It has helped me tremendously and I would recommend it to everyone!


I was suffering with severe lower back pain which affected my normal daily activities such as walking, sitting etc. I was unable to exercise at all or even do gardening and housework. After spending several months seeing an osteopath with no improvement I decided to try chiropractic and I’m pleased I did. I have almost my full previous range of movement with no pain. I am now exercising again and my house is spotless.


I came in with acute lumbar problems – but long term severe neck and shoulder problems. These curtailed my hobbies of golf, quilting and gardening. The whole of my neck and shoulder area has been transformed. Last week on holiday in Portugal I played 3 testing courses in a 5 day period with no ill affects! This week on Lady Captain’s Day I even won a prize. Overall I am delighted with my progress and plan to continue long term with treatments.


I came to Pure Chiropractic with an extremely stiff neck, tight shoulders and a sore lower back. I was finding simple things like turning my head to look over my shoulders increasingly more difficult to do. My job entails lots of bending and lifting and general exertion and this was having an affect on my shoulders and lower back. As time went on, this was having an impact on my job, causing me to slow down. I also dance and I found that I was very rigid and out of alignment.

Since I have had chiropractic care,

• My neck is looser (not in constant pain)

• My bowel movements are frequent (before they were every 5 days)

• My posture has completely improved

• My digestion has also improved

• My lower back pain has disappeared completely enabling me to carry on my work to the best of my ability

• Now when I dance, I can flow with the movements rather than looking like a poker!


I had severe lower back pain, persistent headache and would easily get tired and irritable at work. It was hard for me to get a decent nights sleep because I could feel my back hurting. I’m glad I saw the Chiropractic team at the gym in Chertsey. First and foremost my lower back pain is gone now after a series of treatments and I can sleep so much better. My headache is gone too. I feel so much better about myself and I always feel enthusiastic which is very much different from my old self.


I came to Pure Chiropractic with lower back pain aggravated by standing, lifting and sitting. I am always bothered by my back as I do a lot of lifting in my job. Most of the time, my activities are limited due to my back pain. I thought it could never be treated as I had consulted an osteopath and physiotherapist about this, and the pain never went away. Chiropractic improved my life. My lower back pain is gone. My activities are now better as I can do anything now without restrictions on my back. I feel much much relieved because before my pain was always present. It is almost impossible to believe that my back pain could be treated, but it’s all because of Nash’s chiropractic care…..and my back has never been better.

Sian, age 22

I came in with mid-lower back pain. The pain gradually became worse. This eventually began to affect my performance at Tae Kwon Do and as I am a student nurse it also affected my work while I was on placement. It became painful when helping post-operative patients to get out of bed and mobilize after having an operation. I was also not very flexible especially in my hip due to an accident I had while riding on my scooter last year. I also suffered (sometimes quite severely) from hay fever. My mid-lower back pain has almost disappeared. My Tae Kwon Do performance and flexibility has improved quite dramatically (other students and my Instructor have also noticed and have commented on my performance and the increase in flexibility). My left hip is no longer stiff. My stress levels have reduced, energy level has increased, my posture has improved and I now feel that as the pain has almost gone, I will be able to help my patients to walk around and get out of bed without the fear of having pain in my back. My hay fever has also improved quite dramatically. (I can now tolerate my severe symptoms).

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