Back Pain treated at Pure Chiropractic Staines

If you are suffering back pain right now you’ll know the impact it is having on your life.

Back pain can be painful, debilitating and for some people it is a recurring problem. It can affect you from sleeping to standing, to sitting, to picking up your kids – back pain can be all encompassing.

It may be of little consolation to you to know that back pain is on the increase and at some point most people will suffer back pain in their life.

There are many different types of back pain with different causes. The key to getting the right treatment for your back pain is to firstly establish what type of back pain you may be suffering and to seek the best possible advice if your back pain is not improving.

The good news is that help is at hand.

Our experienced chiropractor in Staines is well placed to give you the best advice, treatment and management of your back condition.

He has extensive experience in helping people who are suffering from back pain and associated symptoms.

“The severe and on-going pain in my lower back was making my life a misery. It overshadowed everything I did and the symptoms of depression were starting to show. I was starting to feel OLD! The very first treatment took the edge off the pain and from then on the improvement has been remarkable.” – Frieda

“After being in discomfort for several months with pain between my shoulders I went to see Pure Chiropractic who immediately understood my condition and set about correcting it. For me, the pain was reduced even after my initial visit and things got much better from there.” – Paul

“I came in with pain in my lower back and shoulder muscles. This was after 3 months of physio and my doctor telling me there wasn’t any more they could do for me. I was on 3 pain killers a day and off work, extremely tired and in constant pain. In truth, it was all a bit miserable. I have been back at work for 8 weeks now, the pain has all but gone …” – Nicki

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