A Simple Programme For Good Posture

It may be surprising to know that your posture could be contributing to your back pain. As a chiropractor in a busy clinic in Staines it is not uncommon to see patients whose back pain is a result of their poor posture. If your posture could do with straightening up then the good news is […]

Keep Your Backs Safe Mums

As Mother’s Day approaches our chiropractors at Pure Chiropractic in Staines want to make sure that all mums out there are doing everything they can to keep their backs safe. It’s not uncommon for our team to treat mums who are suffering back pain that could have been avoided by following some simple pieces of […]

Watching the Winter Olympics? Watch Your Posture Too!

Back pain sends more people to the GP than all other conditions apart from the common lurgy. But you don’t have to do anything too strenuous to injure your back. In fact, you can put yourself at risk of developing acute or chronic back pain just by sitting down watching TV. So if you’re planning […]

Don’t Allow Technology to Harm Your Spine!

While it’s hardly a great revelation that too much technology use can wreck havoc on our spines, many of us tend to carry on being absorbed in our gadgets without giving a second thought to our back health. So to ensure you use your devices safely, our team at Pure Chiropractic in Staines has the […]

Daily Habits That Cause Back Pain

Most people with chronic back pain desperately want to find a reason for their persistent pain. Some may even question medical opinions and carry on in their quests for definitive answers. But according to our chiropractors at Pure Chiropractic Staines, many chronic back pain patients have more control over their condition than they know. Of […]

Prepare Your Back for the Colder Season!

Winter is almost upon us and the countdown to Christmas is on! But with the magic of the season comes the dread of Christmas shopping, sitting in endless traffic and lugging around presents – at least for those of you suffering from back pain. But there are simple measures that you can take to help […]

Studying Could Be Putting Your Child at Risk of Back Problems.

Here at Pure Chiropractic in Staines, we are seeing an increasing amount of school-age patients experiencing back and neck pain. While heavy or one-shouldered back packs, Text Neck and poor posture are common culprits, homework (or more aptly, how it’s carried out) is another major cause of spine problems within this age group. While there […]