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Staines ChiropractorHere at Pure Chiropractic in Staines, we deal with a wide variety of patients that find it difficult to pinpoint where their back pain is coming from. While there are lots of different causes of back pain, many are easy enough to resolve. Sleeping on the wrong kind of mattress, for instance, is a major cause of back pain, and one that many patients don’t always correspond to their aches and pains.

Suffering from back pain? Our chiropractor in Staines offers this advice.

Keep an eye on when your pain/ symptoms occur. If you regularly wake up with back pain that eases shortly after around 15-20 minutes, your mattress could be to blame!  Another indication that it’s time for a new mattress is tossing and turning or waking up more often during the course of the night.  Our chiropractic team recommend replacing your mattress every eight years – even if you are not prone to back pain.

Sometimes, it’s a lot easier than you think to take control of your back pain.

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