It’s Back To School Time …

The Summer school holidays are coming to an end and parents and children are on the final countdown and preparation for starting a new school year. There’s plenty of things for parents to get sorted out, from school uniforms, sports kits, books and stationery, so thinking about your child’s back may not be high on your list but our chiropractors at Pure Chiropractic Clinic in Staines would encourage you to think about the following to help protect your child’s back.

Backpacks: School children are carrying heavier and heavier bags these days. It’s important to ensure they have a good carrying bag that will help minimise the pressure and strain on their back. Backpacks offer a good solution if they are worn properly. The backpack should be worn over both shoulders and the straps adjusted to ensure that the weight sits as close to the back as possible.

Posture: Maintaining a good posture is important for a healthy spine. We’re sure that parents throughout the ages have told their children to ‘stand up straight’, ‘sit up’ or ‘stop slouching’ often to no avail. This is why the British Chiropractic Association developed ‘Straighten Up UK’. Straighten Up UK is a simple three minute programme designed to improve posture. The video is below for you and your children to follow along to.

Our chiropractors at Staines wish your children all the very best for the new school year.



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