It’s Back To School Time …

The Summer school holidays are coming to an end and parents and children are on the final countdown and preparation for starting a new school year. There’s plenty of things for parents to get sorted out, from school uniforms, sports kits, books and stationery, so thinking about your child’s back may not be high on […]

Top Back Health Tip for Your Child

Did you know that your child shouldn’t be carrying more than 15% of their body weight in their back pack? And according to our team at Pure Chiropractic in Staines, this is a really important fact to remember in protecting your child’s back health this school term. If your child’s backpack is too heavy, they […]

Studying Could Be Putting Your Child at Risk of Back Problems.

Here at Pure Chiropractic in Staines, we are seeing an increasing amount of school-age patients experiencing back and neck pain. While heavy or one-shouldered back packs, Text Neck and poor posture are common culprits, homework (or more aptly, how it’s carried out) is another major cause of spine problems within this age group. While there […]