Research highlights the state of the UK’s back health

Recent consumer research from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) has highlighted the significant difference in the number of people experiencing back and neck pain across Britain. The research found these rates to vary by more than 17%. It would appear that people living in the South East have the best back and neck health with […]

A Simple Programme For Good Posture

It may be surprising to know that your posture could be contributing to your back pain. As a chiropractor in a busy clinic in Staines it is not uncommon to see patients whose back pain is a result of their poor posture. If your posture could do with straightening up then the good news is […]

28: The New Age for Back Pain

How do you picture life as a 28 year old? Travelling to exotic places with your friends or partner? Achieving your career goals? Settling down and starting a family of your own? Whatever your vision, back pain is almost certainly not a part of it! But it could well be. A recent study* conducted by […]