Ready Steady Bake The Back Safe Way

The wait is over and The Great British Bake Off is back on our screens. There have been highs and lows so far and the competition in the tent is heating up.

Whether you are an avid baker or just getting started our chiropractors at Pure Chiropractic Clinic in Staines  have some advice to help keep your back safe while baking. Believe it or not baking can take its toll on your back if your not careful. Following a few simple pieces of advice could help you avoid back pain and a possible trip to out clinic!

  1. Working at a counter top that’s too high for you can put pressure on your back. If your counter is too high you will need to spread you feet wider apart to bring your height down accordingly. You can also use a chopping board to help adjust the height.
  2. When lifting, carrying or bending think about your back. Always bend at the knees and not the back. Face the direction you want to go to so as to avoid twisting your back.
  3. Take regular breaks.

Keep your back safe when baking and enjoy your bakes!

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