Back Pain In Older Adults

Did you know that among older adults aged 60 years and older back pain is one of the major disabling health conditions? However, research shows that this age group lacks awareness as to the causes and effects of back pain.

This year’s BackCare Awareness campaign is designed to change that with a focus on bringing awareness of bakc pain and its management in into the forefront of this age groups minds.

Here at Pure Chiropractic Clinic in Staines we often treat people in this age group for back pain. There are many different types of back pain with different causes. If you are suffering back pain then it’s important to get the right treatment for your back pain. The key to this is to first establish what type of back pain you may be suffering and to seek the best advice if your back is not improving.

Our experienced chiropractor is here to help you and will provide the best advice, treatment and management of your back condition.

If you are suffering back pain call us to book an appointment on 01784 464 649.



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