You don’t have to be a Sporting Superstar to benefit from Chiropractic says Staines Chiropractic

boltThe World Athletics Championship has been and gone, and wow what a spectacle, it was hard not to get excited by the action. The superstars of the sport showed us their stuff and none more so than Usain Bolt.

What an athlete. What a story. What you may or may not have noticed about the championship was the massive operations behind most of the top athletes.

You might think that you can buy similar equipment, you can train with similar methods and you can eat well but there’s’ no way you can get the recovery treatment they do? Happily we can tell you that if you think like that, you’re wrong.

We certainly treat plenty of amateur athletes and our service is not exclusive to elite professional sports people. We are kept busy as Staines chiropractors.

What is chiropractic care?

Being leading Staines chiropractors we often get asked the basic question, what is chiropractic care?  It’s a primary healthcare profession that specialises in the diagnosis and treatment of conditions related to the spine.

It’s not just for the best athletes then?

Usain Bolt has revealed he has often been using chiropractic treatment. A little bit of research and you discover he has been suffering from sclerosis for years but has been using chiropractic treatment to keep on running.

Just because the fastest man in the world uses it, doesn’t mean you can’t too.

We work with whoever needs help whether you’re in agony or you want the help of a professional to keep your body in good condition.

If you want more information, just get in touch with us.

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