Stop ignoring your back pain advises our Staines Chiropractor

back pain ignoreWe should never ignore problems. Quite often the longer you leave a problem the worse it gets and that is certainly the case with back pain.

As leading Staines chiropractors we take back pain seriously and it is our duty to prevent the causes of back pain and also help people who suffer from it. One of our big concerns however is that back pain is too often ignored.

A result from the British Chiropractor’s Association has shown that over 70% of those suffering with back pain have suffered with it for up to 10 years. That is a long time to suffer from pain and quite often something can be done to help.

The pain can get bad.

If you ignore back pain you can line yourself up for some serious health issues further down the line. You could end up with pain so bad you’re unable to work.

Don’t ignore it, fix it!

As busy Staines chiropractors we want to help you prevent back pain and keep fit and firing. We have some useful advice for you;

Stop slouching –Slouching can really cause a lot of problems. Make sure you keep your back straight and don’t sit or stand in the same position for too long.

Sit straight and well – Whether you’re driving, working or relaxing it is important to sit straight and well. Ensure you’re sat with your bottom against the seat back and you’re sat up straight. Also ensure you don’t twist your back, neck and shoulders.

Get up and loosen up – It is important you don’t sit down all day so every 40 minutes or so just get up and go for a quick walk, make a tea or have a quick chat with a colleague.

Walk more – We as humans are designed to move around and not just sit down all day, so do it, go for walks more often.

Stretch – A daily stretch routine can do wonders for not just your back but your whole body.

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