Back Safe Christmas Lunch Cooking Advice

Not long to go now until Christmas day and for many this will mean sitting down to a great big Christmas lunch. If you are the one busy planning, preparing and cooking the main event then our chiropractor at Pure Chiropractic Clinic in Staines has the following advice to help keep your back safe. Mind Your Posture!

It’s surprising just how much bending, lifting, carrying and standing for long periods of time is involved to get the Christmas dinner on the tables. All these activities if not done with your posture in mind can put your back at risk. And of course we can’t forget that this can be an exceptionally stressful time which can also have an impact on your back.

If you are cooking for more people than you normally do then everything will be heavier so please bear this in mind!

When lifting or bending remember to keep your back relaxed and straight. Have your feet at least hip width apart and your knees bent.  When carrying an object always face the direction you want to go in to avoid twisting your spine.

It is a stressful time which can build up tension in your back, neck and shoulders. Take regular breaks, do some simple stretches and also take some deep breathes. This is also a good time to check your posture and readjust it!

We do have a posture advice video on our website – it does feature lifting and carrying in the garden but the principles are the same so take a few minutes to watch and learn from it.

Happy and safe cooking this Christmas from our team at Pure Chiropractic in Staines.



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