Avoid a Fall This Winter

Snowflakes, ice-capped rooftops, diamond crusted grass: there’s something magical about the winter weather, but not if it lands you with a painful back injury! The winter weather is responsible for many cases of back pain every year, but fortunately our chiropractor in Staines has some great tips on how to stay injury-free during the winter months:

1. Eyes Before Feet

The easiest way to prevent yourself from falling is to watch where you’re stepping.  Look out for any wet patches that could be ice and always choose the path of least resistance.

2. Wear Suitable Shoes

Even if you must wear high heels or dress shoes to work or an event, take a spare pair to wear while you walk outdoors. Boots with rough or textured soles are the best option as these offer much more traction than regular shoes.

3: Use Handrails

Handrails can save you from a nasty fall (even mid fall) so use them wherever they are available!

Enjoy winter and stay safe!

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