A Post Christmas Lunch Walk Could Do You A Power Of Good

Yes, our chiropractors at Pure Chiropractic Staines is already talking ‘post Christmas’! He’s getting in early with advice for making your Christmas healthier this year!

After all said and done for most of us, Christmas is a time to perhaps indulge a little more than we normally would and our festive Christmas Lunch is no different. And after all that food and maybe a tipple or two, our post lunch activities normally involve watching a not so good movie on TV and more than likely dozing off on the sofa.

Why not shake things up this year and get outdoors and take a walk. You can get all the family involved too! That’s just one of the great thing about walking – almost everyone can do it! It’s great whatever your fitness level.

Regular brisk walking offers many health benefits and can help build stamina, burn excess calories and make the heart healthier.

It really is an underestimated form of exercise.

Our chiropractor is keen to stress the benefits that walking holds for your back health. Regular walking strengthens the muscles and bones around your legs, hips, and of course your back and combined with regular stretching can help improve flexibility, range of motion and posture and therefore limit the chance of back pain.

Give your self a gift of a healthy walk this Christmas.


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