Tempted To Dust Off The Tennis Racket?

Has two weeks of Wimbledon on the TV inspired you to dig out your tennis racket and head to the nearest tennis courts to play a match? If so, then our chiropractors in our busy clinic in Staines suggest you follow some simple steps to avoid injuries and strains.

Whilst our chiropractors encourage people to get outdoors and take some exercise, it is important to do so in a safe way. Injuries and strains can be common when people are starting out in any new form of exercise, however, that’s not to say if you are a veteran of a sport you can avoid injuries and strains.

Our chiropractors have put together some simple steps to help you avoid injuries and strains:

  • Before starting your exercise be sure to warm up
  • Increase the intensity of your exercise gradually
  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
  • Be aware of the pressure you are putting on your joints especially pressure due to repetitive actions such as serving in tennis
  • Remember to warm down when you finish

Consulting with your chiropractor or other health care professional before embarking on any new form of exercise is advisable as they will be able to advise you appropriately.


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