Taking Off On Your Summer Holidays

For many summer holidays mean a trip to the airport and flying to their destination. While our chiropractors at Pure Chiropractic in Staines believe a good break is good for us, they want to ensure that if you are planning to fly off this summer that you protect your back.

It’s not uncommon for people to find that their holiday is spoilt as they have hurt their back. Being out of our normal routines and doing things we wouldn’t normal do, such as picking up cases, can result in back pain.

Our chiropractors suggest some simple steps you can do to keep you back safe if you are flying.

Use light weight suitcases that have wheels that allow you to push rather than pull the case. Pack as lightly as possible, we’re all prone to pack way to many clothes! Make sure you can easily identify your bag when it’s on a carousel.

Avoid using trolleys at the airport. They often have wheels that have a mind of their own and struggling with a laden trolley puts your back at risk.

On the flight keep well hydrated. Drink plenty of water or juices and avoid alcohol. Do some simple exercise in your seat to avoid stiffness. Foot circles, shoulder shrugs and buttock clenches are all good ones. If you can get up and walk around.

One off your flight get your joints moving by walking and avoid using travelators.

Have a back safe holiday this summer.



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