May 21 – 25 Why not walk to school?

In 2017 400,000 children and their families joined the Living Streets Walk to School Week challenge. Living Streets organises a themed challenge every May to encourage children and parents to walk to school and get the taste for the many benefits that walking can bring.

As chiropractors in our busy chiropractic clinic in Staines we are concerned by the increasing number of children and young people that are experiencing back pain. One of the major contributory factors for this increase is our sedentary lifestyles, so anything that encourages moving more such as this campaign is a positive thing.

The campaign not only focuses on the health benefits – it also includes a call for safer roads, stresses the benefit of improving air quality and avoiding congestion around our school. It also incorporates the value of the opportunity of having more time to chat with family and friends.

You may have a long way to travel to school but this doesn’t need to stop you including a walk. Simply park 10 minutes away from the school and walk the rest of the way.

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