Don’t be a Christmas Dinner Hero!

In charge of the Christmas dinner this year? Perfecting those parsnips will be the last thing on your mind if your back plays up mid-cooking session! So follow these tips from our team at Pure Chiropractic in Staines to keep your spine healthy as you rustle up your Christmas roast this year:

 1: Plan Ahead

Don’t try to be a hero by tackling everything at once. Where you can, prepare dishes in advance to minimise the amount of time you need to spend hunched over the stove on Christmas Day.

2: Move Around

Standing or sitting in one position for too long is a major culprit for back pain, so make sure you keep moving around and stretching those legs!

3: Use your Worktop

Leaning on your worktop can remove a lot of added pressure on your spine. Do this frequently for just 10-15 seconds at a time and you can significantly reduce your risk of back pain.

We hope these tips help!

P.S. All this talk of cooking has made us a little peckish. Is it lunch time?

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