What has chiropractic ever done for us?

As a leading Staines chiropractor it is often easy to assume everyone already knows all the benefits of chiropractic care but for many people it isn’t that obvious.

In this piece I want to look at what chiropractic has done for us, or in other words how it can help you.

Commonly attended conditons by our chiropractic team

Some of the conditions more commonly attended to by our team of chiropractors include:

  •   Acute neck pain*
  •   Shoulder pain such as Frozen shoulder*
  •   Elbow pain *
  •   Joint pains
  •   Headaches arising from the neck
  •   Arthritis pain – knee and hips
  •   Hip and knee pain from Osteoarthritis

*Arising from or associated with the back and neck

As a chiropractic professional it is my duty to care for my patients and if my expert knowledge and skills can’t help someone I will refer them to a trusted colleague in a different field of expertise.


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