Can Back Ache Lead to Heart Ache?

Chronic pain can have a ripple effect — not only can it get in the way of your normal life and force you to manage your condition, it can have an impact also on your close relationships. According to our Staines chiropractor, your relationship with your partner, children, family, and friends can become strained due to the physical boundaries and emotional strain that come from battling with chronic pain.

If your partner suffers with chronic pain, you may find yourself facing challenges of your own. For example, you may have to take on extra household chores or parenting duties. You may need to work longer hours to provide extra financial support or you may have to sacrifice some of the things you used to enjoy with your partner. But you can still enjoy a healthy relationship, and this is all down to communication and understanding!

One of the best ways to keep your relationship strong is not to allow chronic pain to define you or your partner. Instead of letting pain take over your relationship, talk openly and honestly about what is needed to enhance the quality of your life together. Work together as a team in managing chronic pain but be proactive in enjoying new activities that are comfortable for your partner.

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