Are Back Pain Myths Hurting You?

At our busy chiropractic clinic in Staines it’s not uncommon for our chiropractor to hear patients repeat a common myth relating to their back pain. Unfortunately their held belief in this myth may have caused them to suffer back pain longer then they needed to.

There are many myths surrounding back pain, many of which have been disproved by research undertaken in recent years. Here our chiropractor at Pure Chiropractic Clinic shares some of these:

Myth #1: It won’t happen to me

Unfortunately back pain is a common condition with the chances of us experiencing back pain during our lives being very high. In fact four out of five of us will suffer back pain at some point of our life time!

Myth #2: Rest is best

Many back pain sufferers believe that lying down and resting their back will help them recover. In many instances of back pain this is the last thing that will help. Research published in the Lancet earlier this year shows that movement and physical activity is the best treatment for many cases of back pain.

Myth #3: Reaching for the tablets is the answer 

Taking a tablet seems to be high on most people’s solution to pain, however, for back pain this is not necessarily going to help. Another finding of the research published in the Lancet is that low back pain is being over medicalised in the West.

What to do if you are suffering back pain?

Our chiropractor recommends that you seek professional medical advice from a chiropractor or your GP or other medical professional.



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